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CBR Brewing Company, Inc


CBR Brewing Company, Inc.


CBR Brewing Company is happiest with a blue ribbon. The company brews and sells Pabst Blue Ribbon beer and distributes local brews in China . One of China 's top-selling beers, Pabst Blue Ribbon is the largest locally brewed foreign beer and the only one with national distribution; it is sold to bars, restaurants, and retailers. CBR has interests in three breweries that cook up its brews: Noble, Zhaoqing, and Zao Yang High Worth. CBR brews Pabst Blue Ribbon under a sublicense agreement with Guangdong Blue Ribbon, which has a license from Pabst Brewing (owned by S&P). The city government of Zhaoqing, the principal stockholder, controls more than 65% of CBR.





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