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Eateries Inc


Eateries, Inc., incorporated on June 1, 1984, is engaged in the creation, design, management and operations of restaurants through Company-owned and franchised restaurants. The Company's restaurants are located primarily in the Southwest, Midwest and Southeast regions of the United States. The Company's restaurants operate under the name Garfield's Restaurant & Pub, Pepperoni Grill and Garcia's Mexican Restaurants. As of December 30, 2001, the Company owned 67 (48 Garfield's, 17 Garcia's and two Pepperoni Grills) and franchised or licensed seven (six Garfield's and one Garcia's) restaurants in 25 states.

In November 1997, the Company, through its wholly owned subsidiary, Fiesta Restaurants, Inc., acquired 17 Mexican restaurants under the names Garcia's (10), Casa Lupita (five) and Carlos Murphy's (two), along with the trademarks associated with these concepts. In February 1998, the Company sold three of the Casa Lupita locations to Chevy's, Inc. In connection with this transaction, the Company entered into an agreement to sell another Casa Lupita location to Chevy's. This second transaction closed in May 1998. The decision to sell these restaurants was the result of a plan to consolidate operations and focus on the expansion of Garcia's. During 1998, the Company closed its one remaining Casa Lupita and converted one of its Carlos Murphy's to a Garcia's. The other Carlos Murphy's was converted to a Garcia's in 1999. The Company has no locations open utilizing the names Casa Lupita or Carlos Murphy's.

Garfield's Restaurant & Pub

Each Garfield's restaurant offers a diverse menu of freshly prepared traditional and entrees, including steaks, seafood, chicken, hamburgers, Mexican, Italian and sandwiches along with a variety of appetizers, salads and desserts. The Company revises menu offerings semi-annually to improve sales. Garfield's also offers a separate lower-priced children's menu.

Garcia's Mexican Restaurants

Each Garcia's restaurant offers a traditional menu of Mexican food. Alcoholic beverages are also offered in each location. Menus are generally standardized, although there are slight variations to accommodate regional taste preferences.

Pepperoni Grill

Each Pepperoni Grill offers a menu that features a variety of Northern Italian entrees with special emphasis on brick-oven baked pizza. The European bistro atmosphere is accented with an exhibition kitchen, light foods and booths covered in tapestry. All menu items are prepared on the premises with the entire entree presentation being performed within view of the guest, making the kitchen part of the restaurant's atmosphere. An in-store bakery makes all the breads and daily desserts. Pepperoni Grill's signature bakery item is Tuscan Parmesan black pepper bread that is served with all entrees along with traditional olive oil and balsamic vinegar. Over 60 different wine selections are offered along with 25 wines available by the glass.


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