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V&S Vin & Sprit Company


V&S Vin & SpritCompany 

Type: Government-owned

V&S Vin & Sprit runs on absolute power -- make that Absolut power. The company is Sweden 's top supplier of wine and spirits, but it is best known for its Absolut vodka, which is sold in more than 125 markets (and accounts for more than half of all imported vodka sales in the US ). The company formed a joint venture (Future Brands) with Fortune Brands' Jim Beam unit in March 2001 to distribute Absolut vodka and Jim Beam bourbon in the US . V&S has joined Maxxium Worldwide, an international spirits distribution consortium, for distribution outside the Nordic countries and the US . V&S is also expanding through acquisitions. Founded in 1917, V&S is owned by the Swedish government.




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