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Canadian Hospitality Foundation 5


Eligible Programs:

Hotel & Food Administration
Hotel & Resort Management
Hotel & Restaurant Management
Hospitality & Tourism Management
Baccalauréat en gestion du tourisme et de l’hôtellerie
Hospitality & Tourism Management

(Eligible: Students in Two & One Year College Programs)

Post Diploma/Graduate Degree (4 scholarships)


IMPORTANT!: Students do not apply to the Foundation for the Hospitality and Culinary Excellence. College department / program heads across Canada offering programs listed above and meeting the criteria set out (Click on each award for details) are invited to submit their nominees for the awards.

1. Hobart Food Equipment Group Scholarship $3,000

Jack O. Hurlbut Scholarship
and University students may apply for the above two Post Diploma/Graduate (masters program with specialization in hospitality-tourism) Scholarships. For further eligibility details for all four scholarships listed here, please see below $1,500.

3. Richtree Markets Scholarship
Only college students may apply for this Post Diploma Scholarship. Applicants with a special interest in foodservice and restaurant management should apply. Richtree will consider their scholarship recipient for a position within its company and the recipient is asked to consider Richtree for future employment .

4. Fisher-Hollyer Scholarship
Only university students may apply for this Graduate (masters program with specialization in hospitality-tourism) Scholarship. This scholarship will also be awarded to a student with special interest in foodservice and restaurant management.


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