spoonSpoon is by no means the most popular kitchen appliance for food intake ever invented. Still used now, of course, in earlier times it was much more universal and actually replaced fork successfully. Let’s see how it has occurred, developed over time and spread throughout the world.

Invention of a spoon was something very logical. Of course, nowadays everything seems so common for us, but before, not all of the things very easy to invent, but spoon was. When you try to drink water with your palm, you will shape it as a spoon – and this was a process of inventing first spoon.

At first, spoons didn’t have handles – hard to imagine today, but much better than use your palms for that – at least now these ‘spoons’ didn’t leak any liquid. In the beginning they were made of stone, later than – wood (which made it easier to attach handles).

As people started to master craft (around 900 B.C.), they started to do really beautiful spoons, decorated with stones. We bet you wouldn’t mind owning a spoon like that even today. Approximately in that same time they mastered locksmiths and metal work, and spoons followed the story of their kitchen neighbors – forks and knives. Now they were made of metal. In many traditions metal didn’t replace wood that fast as was expected – Russian Empire, for example, wooden spoons were dominating up until 19th and even beginning of 20th century (in some rural areas).

Today you can purchase a number of spoons in your local shop and they all are a great fit for different purposes.

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