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Most of the careers in hospitality will require you to accomplish a 2-year associate’s degree or earn a certificate. However, this is true for the majority of entry- or middle-level careers. If you want to go advanced, be prepared to spend a bit more time and of course, money. 4-year ( sometimes, bachelor’s degrees) are not that uncommon if you want to become a chef or aim straight to hotel management position.

Many of those who start their careers in hospitality choose more simple occupations, though. Mainly because people don’t have much money to pay upfront for education, or don’t have enough academic success to apply for scholarship or grant. Luckily, career lifts are very common in this industry, and as you start working you will hear inspirational success stories over and over again.

Since many people grow professionally while they have some work already, online schools that offer flexible schedule have become more and more popular. Mainly because you can study at your own pace and if needed, accomplish the course in 3 years instead of two. On the other side, you won’t need to sacrifice the job you already have.